Transferring to SJU can be easy!

Are you looking to transfer to Saint Joseph’s University for this coming fall?  Want to know how far your credits will go here on Hawk Hill? Register for Saint Joseph’s University’s Transfer Review Day on July 24th and start this … Continued

Thank you, world!

Around 350 days ago, I sat on my great-grandmother’s quilt covering the canopy bed that I requested for my 10th birthday, staring at the packed and recently purchased Marshall’s suitcase, and the purple backpack from my high school days. Together … Continued

10 Things To Do When You #visitSJU

By: Corinne Logan, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admissions The first bit of advice that I give to students starting their college search is to visit, visit, and visit some more!  There is no better way to learn about a school … Continued

Experiencing Uncharted Waters

Our guide smiled with half of his cigar hanging from the corner of his lips. He tucked his paperback Santeria book in the nook of his elbow and crossed his arms over his tie-dyed “Rastafarian” t-shirt. He squinted at us … Continued

Where do Hawks land? The Jesuit Volunteer Corps!

Starting this August, I will be embarking on a year of full-time service with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, whose mission is to enhance the capacity of local organizations to serve their communities by providing volunteers opportunities to directly serve the … Continued

Where do Hawks land? Graduate school!

This fall, I will be attending Boston College to pursue my Master’s degree in English and follow my dream of studying literature. I have always pictured myself in the world of academia. Hopefully one day I will be a writer … Continued

Where do Hawks land? PepsiCo!

In just a few short weeks, I will be starting my full-time position with PepsiCo as a Sales Associate in the Philadelphia area.  I am in a unique program including  only ten college graduates nationwide. The program places us in … Continued

18 Reasons the Class of 2018 Will Love SJU

by Marissa Marzano ’14 1. Because this is easily the most Instagrammable campus around.   2. …and if you’re still waiting for your Hogwarts letter, Barbelin is basically Hogwarts. The staircases even move!* *Disclaimer: The staircases do not move. You … Continued